About the office

The principle of complexity lies in specializations. A preview of lawyers from various fields can shed light on the client's problem from all sides. We use this method both in solving individual cases and when working on the basis of a contract for permanent legal assistance. Our collaborating specialists form a team that can be asked for the impossible with great hope that you will get it.

We provide legal assistance in two basic forms: in individual cases, or on the basis of a contract for permanent legal representation.

In the case of a separate contract, the advantage is the creation of a confidential personal relationship between the client and the lawyer, further strengthened by the obligation to maintain legal confidentiality.

Cooperation under a contract for permanent legal representation means the obligation of the office to provide legal assistance in all matters and in all areas of law for a fixed flat fee. The client - a company, a municipality, a city or even a citizen thus has his permanent attorney. Legal aid is then provided by all lawyers of the law firm.

The advantage is that the law firm provides the client with continuous legal certainty, at a lower cost than if the cooperation would be fragmented into individual cases.

None of this is ready-made, any tailor-made cooperation is possible. 

We don't know and we are not able to do everything, only dangerous fools say that about themselves. We cooperate with a number of law firms from the Czech Republic and abroad, with translators, with real estate agencies, exclusively with the notary office Huták-Polášková (, the tax office Ing. Jarmila Škráčková, with the accounting office Januka, s.r.o. (, with insurance brokers WI-ASS ČR, s.r.o. ( and with anyone who can help our clients.

In addition to Czech, you can also speak English or Russian with us.

Paragraphs, laws. The Ten Commandments used to be enough. But who would read the Bible today, in the era of cookbooks and porn?
Four cards are enough. The truth beats the law. It is justice that is stronger than the truth. Finally, good will be ace.

The focus is on the client's problem. Our priority is not to win, but to solve the problem.