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Civil Law

It contains all the rights and obligations that man has invented. We will be happy to guide you through the jungle thereof.

Debt recovery

  • Debt recovery to any extent
  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Close and effective cooperation with executors in debt recovery

Representation in litigation procedures

  • Legal representation in all types of court proceedings from the recovery of the amount due, through clearing the property up to compensation for damage and non-pecuniary damage

Neighbour disputes

  • Representation in land border disputes
  • Representation in disputes concerning the restriction of property rights - disputes arising from nuisance
  • Representation in disputes concerning compensation for damage to land

Rights in rem

  • Contractual transfers of title of the real estate
  • Preparation of land-lease and sale contracts, servitudes and real burdens agreements
  • Mortgaging of real estate, deletion of liens
  • Representation in proceedings before the Cadastral Office
  • Creation, termination and settlement of co-ownership

Inheritance law

  • Representation in inheritance proceedings
  • Drawing up wills, succession agreements
  • Consultancy with regard to resolving legal matters related to inheritance
  • Disinheritance

Law of Obligations

  • Preparation of all types of contracts (purchase agreement, contract of gift, lease contract, contract for work, transaction-management contract etc.)
  • Preparation of innominate contracts
  • Revision before concluding the contract
  • Risk analysis when choosing a contract type
  • Preparation of all related documents (agreements on changes to contracts, amendments,   terminations, resignations, etc.)
  • Bills of exchange; issuing, enforcing, representation in bill of exchange proceedings

Associations Law

  • Preparation of documentation for founding of associations
  • Setting up the mechanisms of functioning of the association bodies
  • Representation before the registry court in making entries in the register of associations
  • Dissolution and liquidation of associations

Housing Law

  • Drawing up lease and sublease agreements
  • Preparation of notices and calls for the fulfilment of obligations before the termination of the lease
  • Representation in proceedings for the invalidity of a notice, in proceedings for rent due, in proceedings for the eviction of an apartment
  • Consultancy concerning rent increases, apartment maintenance and repairs, apartment defects, compensation at the end of the lease, etc.