Water Law and Waste Law

The water, even if it passes through hundreds of thousands of factories and millions of kidneys, should remain clean. Can the law help? Of course, it can.

  • Preparation of all contractual documentation, including complaint rules and general contractual terms and conditions
  • Consultancy with regard to setting the principles of water supply and sewerage management in compliance with the conditions of the Water Supply and Sewerage Act
  • Consultancy concerning water and sewage pricing
  • Recovery of claims
  • Preparation of generally binding decrees on local fees
  • Consultancy concerning the creation and enforcement of payment orders
  • Setting up payment mechanisms from end customers
  • Preparation of meetings and resolutions of the companies` general meetings
  • Increase, reduction of registered capital
  • Contractual documents in the development of water supply and sewerage systems
  • Consultancy with regard to subsidies and fulfilment of subsidy conditions
  • Defence against the reduction of subsidies